Meet Us

Lura Shehan - Founder and President
Lura Shehan – Founder and President

Lura has a love for horses and animals in general. When she saw Nester the donkey in a small pen at a sale barn, she knew his life of suffering was going to end that day. That is how Lusco Farms transformed into focusing on smaller equines. Lura hopes to go back to school to gain experience as a vet tech. For now she will continue to coordinate our efforts and handle day to day office operations while continuing her full time job.

Scott Shehan - Treasurer
Scott Shehan – Treasurer

Scott has learned patience while working hands-on with the horses and donkeys. He has a desire to learn more about hoof trimming. Scott hold an MBA and teaches part-time at a local university. Scott also works for a major animal health company full time. He has knowledge of vaccines and other animal products.

Josh Butler- Adoption Coordinator
Josh Butler- Adoption Coordinator

Josh was raised in rural Iowa and grew up around livestock on his grandpa’s farm. He has been able to form bonds with the donkeys very quickly. He is a mechanic and large vehicle driver by trade. Those skills also come in handy around the rescue. Every dollar counts so anytime we can fix it ourselves, helps the cause.

Missy Lothamer – FundRaising Coordinator

Ray Bortle – IT Coordinator