Sugar and Jackson

Hi, guys!  It’s hard to believe it’s already been 6 months since you delivered two of our best friends to us.  Arthur seems so happy to finally have some buddies to hang with.

So many people have asked me why did I choose donkeys.  Here are just a few of the reasons:  They are the most loving, kind, gentle beings on the planet and their devotion is second to none.  They are so incredibly smart and eager to learn.  They love to be hugged and scratched.  And they love to have their picture taken.

Sugar and Jackson came into our lives last year. Our first encounter included sugar teaching our 95 lb malamute some distance respect. We had heard that donkeys will kill a dog . we have learned that donkeys are smart little critters who soon realize that some dogs are ok and part of the herd. We have gone from sedation to get their little feet trimmed, to needing no sedation . we have gone from running away snorting , to coming up to their humans to see if they are harboring treats, my horse friends love the sound of their horse nickering in the morning, and so do I …. but there is nothing like a robust HEE HAW morning greeting from our donks . their greeting seems to really mean.

Good Morning humans we have really missed you……..