Snowflake and Strawberry

Rescue Date: May 30, 2015

Shelby County Iowa

Call from a family to request assistance on re-homing 2 female donkeys due to owners death. Team Lusco responded on Sunday 5/30/15 to the rescue call and found Snowflake and Strawberry just 2 of the many beloved pets who were left without there caregiver. The two female donkeys are in good health just need a little trimming on their hooves. Both donkeys are in their late teens ad will under go health evaluations shortly.

Sometimes we get animals who were loved and cared for but find themselves homeless when the owner passes away. This is a case where we hope these two find a home very quickly as they are well mannered and are not in need of rehabilitation. They simply need someone to love them.

Enjoy the pictures and video and we hope you will call us to find out how you can give these girls a new home.