Spock, Kirk, Johnny, Sammy, Punk’n and Mouse

Our story starts in 2014.  My husband and I had moved to an acreage -and being an animal lover- I knew I had to fill the barns with animals I also knew I wanted sheep, and did some research and found that donkeys made wonderful companion animals for sheep.

Knowing that a rescue donkey was far and away a better choice for us than buying a “registered” donkey, we found Lusco Farms!

Scott suggested we look at 2 donkeys that were bonded (we named them Kirk and Spock) but we also fell in love with Mouse and Punk’n!  So we adopted all four!  About 6 months after that, and visiting Lusco Farms adoption pages several times in the meantime, we decided to foster Sam and Johnny.

Well, needless to say, we now have 6 animals from Lusco Farms.  This rescue group is well organized, obviously love what they do, and I am very happy they allowed me the privilege of adopting from them.
Mark and Dottie