The Fab 5

Rescue Date: March 2015

Location: Cass County Iowa

Animals: 1 Donkey – 4 Mules

Update: February 2015:  Call from local cat rescue to request assistance for elderly person who want to surrender animals. Has been requesting assistance for 3 years but continues to be turned down by other groups due to hoof condition and number of animals needing rescued

Update March 8th: Four of the five animals captured and transported back to the rescue. Serious hoof conditions exist on the 3 of the four. Vet and farrier contacted.

Update March 15th: Additional volunteers gathered to capture last mule. Animal has never been touched by humans. Very scared and untrusting. Mule captured and transported back to the rescue

Update April 11th: Castration was performed on Hammer the donkey and father of all four mules. Recovered with no issues.

Hammer Castration April 11th